Emission Testing with Snap-on's Smart Smoke

Emission Testing with Snap-on’s Smart Smoke

With research showing that more motorists are keeping their current cars longer, the number of vehicles requiring emissions testing is growing. Snap-on’s Smart Smoke EVAP Machine (EELD500) is the perfect tool to help shops take advantage of this potential business opportunity. 

“Service technicians are seeing more vehicles that have already failed or will fail an emissions test,” said David Brekke, category manager for Snap-on. “Either way, having Snap-on’s Smart Smoke EVAP machine on hand is essential to help customers’ vehicles pass emissions tests. Smart Smoke has superior technology and is the only completely portable diagnostic smoke machine.”

Eight of the top 10 emissions DTC codes can be diagnosed with Snap-on’s Smart Smoke, which has many unique features and benefits:

  • 100 percent portable when used with optional CO2 bottle with regulator and 14.4 or 18V lithium or NiCad battery;
  • Remote control is included with all basic control functions (Start/Stop, Display Select etc.);
  • Self calibrates for .010, .020, .040 and automatically performs EVAP pass/fail test;
  • Computerized digital displays for leak sizes down to 0.001”;
  • Computerized digital display in flow LPM;
  • Computerized digital display for Vacuum /Pressure in H2O (inches of water column) with decay capability;
  • Pulsating low flow mode makes it easier to find leaks;
  • Vacuum port adaptor to diagnose Chrysler ESIM & NVLD & all other EONV EVAP systems;
  • Extra Smoke port for faster leak checking dual exhaust or EVAP system;
  • 3-year warranty;
  • Sleep mode with memory;
  • Unique folding hook and handle for toolbox storage;
  • Unique Snap-on scratch-protection end cap;
  • Optional cover to protect from shop dirt and dust;
  • OEM approved technology with UltraTraceUV dye pinpoints leaks;
  • Smoke solution is safe and does not produce unpleasant odor in the shop; and
  • Combo LED and UV light in one.