MCX-2HD Multi-Coolant Exchangers

One machine for the quickest, most complete coolant exchange-all coolant types!

MCX System – Multiple Coolant Exchange (MCX) System for simple, rapid switching of one coolant type to another. Quick switching from traditional green antifreeze to Dex-Cool™ or others. The first machine to address modern coolant service needs! Comes standard with one 15 gallon waste tank and two 15-gallon fill tanks for two different antifreeze types. Additional tanks are available at a low cost.

Control Panel

  • Vacuum & pressure gauges
  • Easy-to-use process control switches

Coolant Tank Connectors

  • Drip proof
  • Quick disconnect style

Fluid Level Indicator

  • Fluid level visible – both new & waste tanks
  • Waste tank float switch provides automatic pump shut-off when tank is empty

MCX Accessory Kit

  • (2) universal Adapter hoses
  • (4) universal step Adapters w/ shut-off valves
  • (1) overflow tank wand w/ shut-off valve
  • Miscellaneous fittings/clamps